Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Municipal Litigation Attorney

Municipal litigation is a growing area of my practice.  I have substantial experience in the area, ranging from administrative hearings, to State court litigation, to Federal trials and appeals.

In addition to numerous run of the mill slip/trip and fall cases and "lights and sirens" motor vehicle cases, I have litigated a number of highly complex multi-million dollar liability cases dealing with the very limited exceptions to governmental immunity for discretionary judgments.  In one case, I had a client who was rendered a parapalegic in a shooting at a Bronx housing project while basic security measures (such as who would fix broken door locks) were tied up in red tape.  I have had two wrongful death cases related to negligent psych evaluations.  One where a mental patient was improperly released from State care and pushed someone onto the subsay tracks, and another where staffing changes led to a police officer having his firearm returned despite despite imminent threats to use it to kill himself.  I also litigated a case, and won a precedent-setting appeal, on the issue of the duty to report and respond to a third-party assault.

With employment, constitutional, and civil rights issues, I have argued a First Amendment case before the Second Circuit Court of Appes, and litigated multiple such cases before the Federal and State trial courts.  I have litigated several due process cases, including successfully bringing an Article 78 to have a volunteer EMS worksr reinstated to service, and litigating a pro bono appeal on the sufficiency of the hearings over red light camera tickets.  

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in court waiting to be heard on a case where I am representing a town worker named in a sexual harassment suit, whom the Town is not defending due to a conflict.

I would prefer to have a steady practice representing municipalities, but I may also accept good Plaintiff's cases (assuming there's no conflict).  I have seen many attorneys who are eager to bring municipal claims on the idea that there are deep pockets, but I have a very different approach and perspective.  Municipal claims are difficult to win, and can be a waste of time and resources (mine, the client's, and the public's) if brought unnecessarily.  I have seen personal injury cases, for example, where the client recovered less and waited longer due to adding a poorly thought out municipal claim to an otherwise simple case.  I'm very selective about what plaintiffs' cases I take, but it is because I know the difference between a good case and a bad one.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fisher Price Seahorse lawsuit?

I was just reading that the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse has a risk of catching fire, but is still being sold.  Fortunately, no-one in the story I heard was hurt, but if someone were injured, I would be interested in being their lawyer.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Suffolk County Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accidents and slip and falls frequently occur in eavy snowstorms and the slippery and icy conditions that follow.  Even days after a heavy snowstorm has ended, thawing and refreezing leads to slick ice on walkways.  On roadways, there is an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents due to low visibility and poor road conditions.   

If you have been injured, I may be able to get you money for your injuries.  I have been representing personal injury clients for over seven years, and have helped clients recover millions of dollars.  

I represent clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and throughout New York City (particularly Queens and Brooklyn). I live in Smithtown, my office is in Hauppauge.  

Consultations are free, and personal injury cases are on a contingency basis (1/3 fee - no recovery, no fee).  For personal injury clients, I will also make myself available for home or hospital visits.  

If you need to speak to a personal injury attorney, call me at 631-482-9700 or email Skreppein@qhm.com.

Scott J. Kreppein, Esq.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Slip and fall attorney

We had a couple days of snow in November, but this morning was the first real "Winter" snow.  As a personal injury attorney, I'm on the lookout for good slip and fall cases and Winter-weather car accidents.

Rear end car accidents are probably the most common, and happen even easier on icy roads.  You also see a lot of accidents where people over-shoot a light or a stop sign, or slide into the oncoming lane.

With slip and falls, on a day like today, parking lots and shopping center sidewalks get icy.  On a day like today, the storm itself is over, and stores are under an obligation to exercise reasonable care to prevent slipping.  That means salt.  Even if the snow didn't stick, If a store's employees don't generously salt the areas where people are walking they are asking for trouble.

For a brief video describing my services as a Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorney, click this link.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

About me

Civil litigation attorney.  Born in 1982, admitted to practice law since 2007.  Extensive trial and appellate experience in New York's State and Federal Courts.  Lives and works in Suffolk County, New York, and also regularly practices in Nassau County and throughout New York City.  

Contact Info

Hagney, Quatela, Hargraves & Mari PLLC
888 Veterans Hwy, Suite 530
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Practice Areas

Attorneys are admitted to the New York bar as general practitioners, without any defined specialty.  In fact, we aren't allowed to claim to be a "specialist" in any particular area.  However, lawyers do specialize, and focus on particular practice areas.

The degree of specialization varies from lawyer to lawyer.  There are benefits to both niche and diverse practices.  I generally handle four categories of cases:

PERSONAL INJURY - Personal injury is the area of law where I excel at most. I focused on becoming the best possible personal injury attorney during law school and in my first few years of practice.  I won both a first year award and graduation prize for Torts, competed in multiple mock trial competitions, and was the president of my school's student Trial Lawyer's Association.  After graduation, I worked for a leading personal injury practice, where I tried a number of cases, argued numerous appeals, and worked with accomplished personal injury attorneys to obtain tens of millions of dollars for clients.  Now, I am working on building my own client base.  

MATRIMONIAL / DIVORCE / FAMILY LAW - For the last several years, I have worked with some of Suffolk County's top divorce lawyers.  Over time, I have developed an acumen for the subtleties of this unique area of law.  

EMPLOYMENT - It's an interesting area, which I enjoy practicing.  I took several employment law courses during law school, and in my first years of practice I worked on several notable employment matters. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of employment matters, and have had a good deal of success in this area.  

COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS - I am extremely adept with contract and business issues. I excelled in these courses in law school, and the area of law just seems to fit well.  As I've gained experience, I have litigated multi-million dollar cases, and handled multi-million dollar transactions.